Functional Kitchens That Dazzle

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If you would like to change the look of your rooms, consider browsing through online photos of new homes. These new homes are decorated by professional interior decorators. It is easy to duplicate the look by printing a copy out on your printer. Use the photo as a guide for decorating basics such as paint, wallpaper or moldings. You can also accessorize the room with drapes, pillows and rugs. Visit home builder’s websites to view the latest in home furnishings. You can easily recreate the look of marble countertops by purchasing Faux paints. The key is to Read the rest of this entry »

Terrific Rooms for Teens

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Teenagers love having the freedom to express themselves, and creating a unique bedroom is a wonderful way to do that. It can be either a family project or an individual endeavor; the parents just need to decide how much freedom the teen has in implementing the design. For instance, are murals on the walls allowed? What about new furniture? Does the teen have to pay for everything, or will the parents chip in?

One way to have a lot of fun with room design is to create a theme. For instance, a teen who Read the rest of this entry »

Selecting an Appropriate Color Scheme

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When you are redoing a room in the house, one of the first decisions you’ll probably make is about the color scheme. How can you choose the best colors for the space? Well, first, think about whether or not you are keeping the existing furniture. If those pieces are here to stay, then you likely do not want to choose colors that are going to clash with them.

You should also get some sample paint colors and tape them up on the walls to see which ones look the best. On top Read the rest of this entry »

What Goes Into a Man Cave

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The answer everyone likes to give is “whatever he wants,” but seriously what goes into a man cave? What makes a man cave a man’s cave? Really, it all depends on the man it’s being made for but there are a couple items that are common throughout the country and listed below are just a few redecorating ideas that are commonly found in the average, American man cave.

1.) Entertainment center. Typically, these are large pieces of furniture that can house multiple appliances and pieces of equipment like sound systems, televisions, game consoles, movies, remote controls, etc. The classier ones are made of wood with a cherry wood finish.

2.) Satellite TV access. Most of the time, men like to watch sports or programs in their man cave so getting some satellite tv deals, Blu-ray players, that sort of thing – these are all a must for any man cave.

3.) Comfy chairs. Love seats, couches, recliners – these are all necessary to any man cave. You can even purchase furniture specifically intended for man caves that come with built-in cup holders and compartments for remote controls and batteries.

And those are just a couple ideas for redecorating and creating your own man cave.

Vintage Antebellum Style Brought Inside

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Homes that were of the antebellum style and decoration were those that were constructed before the Civil War. Many people today have a deep appreciation for the antebellum look and want to incorporate it into their own homes. The challenge is mixing the old time authenticity with a new home and that can be done!

Some of the items you will need to decorate your home antebellum style are light fixtures, some antiques and furniture that has been reproduced and antebellum art.

The first step would be to Read the rest of this entry »

Dress Up the Bedroom in a Flourish of Fabrics

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If the bedroom is looking sparse there are a few things that can be done to bring a cozy softness to the space. Fabrics are a great way to add softness, color, texture, and warmth to a space. There are so many different types of fabrics that it is easy to mix and match or create a unique and original style using different fabrics.

Many different aspects of a room can be dressed up using Read the rest of this entry »

Old School Patterns Liven Up the Living Room

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Patterns are back big time! Chevrons, Stripes, Prints and more! However, many homeowners, decorators and do it yourselfers might mixing these bold choices in to their homes daunting. We have compiled a great list here on how to incorporate this trend into your home without going cross eyed.

Try a bold accent wall! Using high quality painters tape map out wide chevron stripes (at least 18 inches wide for impact), using a craft blade knife to cut the edges perfectly. Then paint your accent color of the tape for 2 coats for a full coverage, remove tape and let Read the rest of this entry »

Cinematic Themed Residential Rooms

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Decorating an interior living space in the style of an epic movie, or cinematic icon, is the dream of every devout movie buff, and it’s an interior design style that never gets stale. When considering a cinematic themed room, the two most important considerations are authenticity and imagination.

Before decorating even begins, a designer should decide whether the room will be fully functional or purely for show. Naturally, if it is a bedroom function must reign but rooms such as dens, lounges and living areas can be a little bit of both. For true cinematic appeal, lighting is paramount. Read the rest of this entry »

Decorating Ideas for Kids

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Decorating a kid’s room can be a real challenge. Once they become a certain age, usually around three, Home Security, they develop and communicate definite likes and dislikes. Let the child communicate those likes and use them to decorate their room.

Use the child’s favorite color in decorating the room. Once a youngster starts to learn the names of colors, they tend to gravitate toward one of them as their favorite. Instead of taking the child to the store, where they will be overwhelmed by the choices, bring just a few paint samples home and let them choose. Limiting the choice gives the parent control over paint color. Instead of neon yellow, bring home a bright and pleasant sunny yellow, lemon yellow or buttery yellow paint sample.

Give the child the choice of motif in the room. A little girl that loves princesses will simply love a canopy bed and castle mural on the wall. Boys that enjoy superhero cartoons may love their favorite on a bedside lamp or in the wall art.

Giving kids a choice in decorating ensures they will be comfortable in their room for many years. It gives parents the satisfaction of knowing their child is happy and won’t want to redecorate any time soon.